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Masqulin – Dorm Revelation – Cole Link and Leo Louis

What can an engineering student do when he is bored, lonely, and horny in his dorm? Cole Link is working on technical drawings and surfs for some relief. He remembers that his Arts Major roommate Leo Louis is just over the other side of his room and he sneaks over to grab a pair white boxers. He exhales the scent of his roommate, and he cock jumps enthusiastically. Cole nearly gets sucked into the act by Leo as he barges into their dorm rooms. Excited and mischievous Leo is happy with himself for having managed to get away with his plan, while also avoiding his arts school initiation.
Leo realizes, after all the excitement, just how hot their tiny dorm room, which is without AC, is. He strips down to his bottoms and tells his roommate stories about the evening and the hotties who enjoy giving him blowjob eyes. Cole is lost in thought as he plays with his bulging bulge and can’t help but be amazed at his good fortune, being turned on by Leo’s bulging breasts. Leo is a free-spirited artist and doesn’t waste any opportunity to make a difference. He sees the beauty in Cole’s eyes and convinces her to pay attention to his cock.

Cole attempts to kiss his roomie’s cock with a timid lick. Uncertain, he slowly takes to it and plays with Leo’s low-hanging balls. He’s on his knees and sucking on Leo’s monster cock. Leo faces him, but stops before he cums. He dives into Cole’s thigh, rimming his tight hole, before standing up and dicking his throat. Then he ploughs his sweet ans. Cole rode his thick snake, pounding his thick load, with his abs flexing as he thrust.


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