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Helix – Aiden Garcia & Dante Clark – Bowling Lessons

Enjoy a great time with Helix fans and enjoy some good times at the local bowling alley. It’s obvious that Aiden Garcia and Dante Clark have some amazing chemistry. As they make their way towards the exit, the brunette beauties with bronze skin and brown hair kiss, caress and holds hands. However, this is far from over for these two hotties.
Once the men return home, the kisses become deeper and more delicious. As the two men rip into each other, their clothing melts. Clark cannot contain his desire to eat Garcia’s gold body. Clark takes the perfect, porn-sized piece from the star and goes wild. He eats the thick, uncut dick like an hungry demon. Aiden is now ready to take care of Clark’s super-sized schlong wet.

Dante gives Aiden some Grade A throat before he smacks his smooth chair and gets to work on that tight tush with some tongue thrusting action. Dante is now ready to give Aiden his perfect pucker. Clark smiles confidently after he’s done slamming the hottie in doggie. Aiden grabs the large, bulky bait and jumps on board for a ride. Garcia cannot resist giving Dante’s dok a deep, satisfying dicking. The young, fresh-faced porn prince is pounded until he drips pure white, gooey golden all over his beautiful, smooth chest and stomach. Aiden stokes the heat, pounding the boy until he paints his sweet, salty seed on him. They kiss as they stroke, completely covered in cum, and fall into each other’s sweaty arms.


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