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HardBritLads – Freddie White & Damien Boss (Young Freddie Takes Thick Meat)

File Size: 544MiB
Duration: 37mn 37s
Studio: HardBritLads :  Description: Thick dicked hairy chested Damian Boss puts hung young hottie Freddie White through his paces in this awesomely hot scene, with non stop action. Both lads are rock solid in their sports shorts from the start, kissing and groping, and Damian pulls Freddies throbbing 8 incher out the side of his shorts, playing with it as he kisses him. Freddie releases Damians awesomely thick dick from his shorts, and the lads jerk each other off for a bit. Damian lifts his sports vest and Freddie sucks and licks his nipples while playing with his meaty stiffie. They rubs their cocks together, then Freddie gets onto his knees, opening wide to get as much of it down as he can.

Freddie sucks deep, struggling to get all of it down, but he gets most of it down, making Damian moan with pleasure, and after some very hot sucking, Damian gets more forceful, gripping Freddies head to fuck his mouth.. Freddie loves it and takes a brutal face fucking as Damians fat dick pumps into the back of Freddies throat. Its very noisy, and extremely horny. Next, Freddie stands and Damian is on his knees, keen to return the favour, and starts slurping on Freddies hung uncut cock, demonstrating what a good deep sucker he is too, and lets Freddie fuck his mouth and throat, and again, its gets noisy..

They move onto the floor, and Damian leans back against the sofa to get sucked again, before moving into a very hot 69 position, with Damian on his back, and Freddie on top. In this position he manages to get Damians meat all the way down his throat, right down to his balls, which is an awesomely hot sight. As he gets deep throated, Damian fingers Freddies smooth hole. Freddie is all fours now, arse in the air, and Damian spits onto his hole, gets it good and wet, before licking it, pushing his tongue in, pulling Freddies hard cock down between his legs to jerk him off as he rims him.

With his arse warmed up, Freddie leans against the sofa, and Damian teases his hole a little, then slowly pushes his cock in, making Freddie moan. Damian goes nice and slow, giving us very horny shots from below, as Freddies tight hole gets stretched by Damians girth. He slides that fat dick in and out slowly, and as Freddie relaxes, he starts to go a little faster, puling his butt cheeks apart as he fucks him. Next, Damian is on the floor with Freddie riding his fuck pole. Again, they start slow, showing lots of length. Damian grips Freddies smooth arse as he slides up and down his throbbing meat. Its starts to get faster and more intense, and they kiss as they fuck, speeding up now, getting pretty breathless, and Damian starts to fuck Freddie hard, making Freddies dick throb so hard he looks like he is about to shoot…

With both lads aching to shoot their loads, Freddie lays on his back while Damian leans over him, pushing his dick back into Freddies mouth to get sucked some more, whilst grabbing Freddies cock to jerk him off while he sucks. Its almost too much for Freddie, who very quickly shoots a really good big load over his chest and abs, with several strong squirts. Damian takes Freddies cock in his mouth to suck the last few drops of jizz, then jerks himself off hard over Freddies face.. He opens his mouth wide to taste it, and then when Damian shoot.. Jesus.. The first jet is so powerful is flies right over Freddie completely, but then spurt after spurt keeps coming, seriously tons of it, making a big sloppy mess over Freddies face and in his mouth, pushing it in to make him taste and swallow it all. Unmissable.


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