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ChaosMen – FZYWZE and Jack Andy – Raw

FZYWZE, Jack Andy and Jack Andy are seen lying on each others’ beds and exploring their bodies. They also rub each other’s fur with their fingers. FZYWZE takes a few sniffs and licks from Jack’s armpit, before lying on his back on the mattress in preparation for foot worship.
FZYWZE takes Jack’s black socks off, stopping to sniff it before following Jack’s toes with his tongue. FZYWZE takes Jack’s jockstraps off and gets down to business. Jack’s pleasure is evident as he puts his hand on FZYWZE’s back to make him push even further on his cock. FZYWZE, Jack and Jack exchange places. Jack helps himself to FZYWZE’s hairy dick. Jack reach down and plays with his own hole, balls, and cock. FZYWZE growls while Jack craned his cock more deeply.

FZYWZE climbs on his all-fours to give Jack full access to FZYWZE’s furry sexes. Jack finger- and tongue-fucks FZYWZE’s hole to get it ready for his fat dick. Jack gets down on his knees, and spits on FXYWZE”s cock. He humps FZYWZE’s cheeks while he does the ‘hot dog in an bun’ action. Jack leans forward, grabs his cock and slowly begins to slip it into FZYWZE’s mouth. FZYWZE sounds a bit irritated and pushes his way back on Jack’s neck, taking in every inch of Jack. FZYWZE turns over onto his back, and Jack dives into his hole. Jack continues to fuck him until Jack reaches the climax. Jack grabs the gun and fires all of his loads at FZYWZE’s body, before injecting the final drops in FZYWZE’s ans.


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