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YesFather – Kendrick Thomas & James Keresford – Elder Keresford Confession

File Size: 782.20MiB
Duration: 57m 24s
Studio:  YesFather : Description: Elder Keresford: Confession: Even as the church has been closed and Father Keresford has been on leave, he’s taken the time to meet with his loyal students. They come from miles away to seek his counsel and confess their sins. And while the man could use a respite from his holy duties, he’s never one to turn away a wayward soul. He knows that he is the last line of defense for many of these boys, the rock that can keep them from spinning into the grips of sin. So, he must make himself available or fail at his most important job – keeping the boys of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on a diligent, straight and narrow path. Today, he hears the Confession of young Kendrick. Kendrick has been feeling guilty about his dirty thoughts, especially his thoughts about Father Keresford. He doesn’t know how to bring it up, so finally he blurts it out. He’s had dark fantasies, and he’s not sure what to do with them. When Father Keresford receives the Confession, he is not moved to anger or disappointment. Rather, he uses his years of experience to conclude that the only way to dispel such urges is to indulge them completely. He jerks his cock slowly, letting the boy catch a peek of his meaty member. Kendrick can hardly believe his eyes as he scans the religious man’s penis from balls to tip. How will it feel inside me, he thinks? Soon, his questions are answered as Father Keresford barebacks him slowly and passionately on the couch. Kendrick’s secret desires have been fulfilled. Father Keresford uses his years of experience to conclude that the only way to dispel Kendrick’s sexual urges is to indulge them completely. He barebacks the boy slowly and passionately on the couch, filling him with orgasmic pleasure.


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