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WilliamHiggins – Max Fillipi and Jeremy Robbins RAW – FULL CONTACT

Max Fillipi and Jeremy Robbins are on the bed feeling horny. They kiss each other and Max’s tee shirt is quickly removed. They continue kissing before Max takes off his jeans too. His white underwear bulges and soon feels Jeremy’s hand rubbing it. The kiss some more and Max lays on his back as Jeremy kisses his way down the sexy body to reach that bulge. He rubs the bulging underwear and nuzzles it too. Then he pulls the underwear asied to release Max’s cock and balls. He sucks on Max’s balls and then begins to lick the cock too. Taking the cock into his mouth Jeremy starts sucking on it. His head moves up and down as the cock starts to swell. Soon that cock is nice and hard and Jeremy wanks it, licks it and returns to sucking on it. The rock hard cock looks so good as Jeremy works on it. He sucks on the balls some more too as Max enjoys the attention. That cock stays hard as Jeremy licks up and down the fat shaft. It glistens with his saliva as he takes it deep into his mouth. Then as Max removes his underwear Jeremy gets naked too. He lays back so that Max can take a turn at sucking. Jeremy’s cock is rock hard as Max begins to suck. The big cock fills his mouth as he does so. He too licks up and down the shaft and sucks on the balls. Jeremy pushes Max’s head all the way down on that big cock. Max is able to works his mouth all the way down taking the entire cock into it. Having deep throated that big cock Max then sits his ass down on it. He rides up and down on Jeremy’s fat pole as it opens up his hot hole. Max’s ass slaps on Jeremy’s belly as he takes the cock so deep in his ass. Jeremy’s hips thrust up to fuck his dick deep into Max’s hole. Then Max moves onto his knees to be fucked from behind. The big cock pushes back into his hole and fucks hard and fast. Jeremy pounds Max’s ass so well, pulling his dick out and shoving it all the way inside again. He stretches the hole wide with his cock as Max takes it all. Max enjoys the fucking, pushing his ass back to take the cock deep in his ass. He reaches down to play with his own cock too as he is fucked hard. He turns over onto his back and wanks himself as Jeremy fucks him some more. Jeremy slams his cock so hard into that ass, pounding it for all he is worth as Max shoots his own cum all over himself. Jeremy keeps fucking hard until he is ready too, then he pulls out to shoot his cum onto Max as well.


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