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TrigaFilms – Fuck-A-Hoodie

Breaking News! Breaking News! Police quickly arrested the three men who were caught on CCTV spray painting the offices of the local council at four in morning. The camera operators called the local bobbies and the three troublemakers were immediately taken to unknown addresses and made to get along with each other! As this group of idiots had to have sex, get drunk, and fuck one another, they were sprayed with hot spunk and their arses plunged. Tommy Carter, CCTV supervisor said that the group didn’t seem happy as another gang was making fun of them in front their friends. Although !”. it was very fucking hot, The group of street urchins were not fazed at their experience and wanted to rematch the gang that had cheated them. Triga captured it all on video! Fuck-A-Hoodie, indeed!


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