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Str8Hell – Tomas Petruj – MILKING MEN

File Size: 586.89MiB
Duration: 19mn 48s
Studio: Str8Hell : Description: Handsome Tomas Petruj has been gagged and shackled in a seat. As he writhes against the shackles his captor arrives. He starts to sense Tomas’ sexy chest and he gropes the panties also. A hand slips in the jeans to sense Tomas’ cock. Then the fly is parted to tease that cock. As Tomas’ body has been sensed his stiffening cock pokes out of the panties and is pulled out of the flies. Oil is dripped onto that big stiff cock and fingers rub all over it. After feeling that cock the palms pull out Tomas’ balls also. More oil is applied and soon coats the chunks too. Those balls are squeezed and the cock is wanked as Tomas fights against his or her ties. HIs dick is wanked quite hard for a little while before being discharged so that a hand can operate all over that sexy chest. However, the cock doesn’t rest for extended as more oil is dripped onto it and it is wanked some more. The big balls are pulled up and down as the cock is wanked very hard indeed. Then Tomas’ jeans are eliminated as well as more oil is applied to the cock and balls. The balls are lightly slapped too and the oil is rubbed in. The balls are gripped tightly as the cock is wanked again. That dick stays rock hard and gets close to cumming because it is wanked. Tomas’ legs are raised into the atmosphere, to show off his ass and the tight hole. The gag is eliminated also. Oil is dripped over the hole and then rubbed in. A finger yells that tight hole because the cock is wanked some more. Then a finger slips deep inside that hot ass hole and fucks hard since the wanking continues. The hole gets fingered deeply and then the digit is eliminated. More oil is applied to the hot hole that two fingers can extend it wide as they push deep inside. The cock is wanked hard as these fingers invade the tight hole. A thumb is used to operate the hole also and also the significant cock is stored on edge by hard wanking. That bum hole gets more also as a dildo is pushed so deep inside. The hole is stretched broad as the toy fucks into the ass. That bum gets fucked hard since the wanking is unabated. The the dildo is removed from the ass and the hole gets slapped. The cock is subsequently wanked more. The dildo is prepared again and again invades the hot hole once more. It’s fucked hard into Tomas’ bum hole because the rock hard cock is taken to the border. That dildo stays in the hole, gripped tight with the buttocks cheeks. Tomas’ cock is wanked punctually together with the speedy fucking of this dildo. The ass is fucked deep and operates the hole so nicely that Tomas’ soon shoots his hot cum as he is wanked hard also. The cock is milked and wanked more as the dildo retains fucking that hot ass hole. Then the toy is eliminated and two palms milk which cock to be certain it is fully drained.


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