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Bareback, Jock

Str8Hell – Michal Renok – MILKING MEN

File Size: 536.52MiB
Duration: 17mn 59s
Studio: Str8Hell : Description: Michal Renok looks so good as he lays on the bed, wrists shackled, with his cock seeming to become rock hard in his underwear. He is at the mercy of a supporting hand. The palms start to feel over Michal’s hot body, soon yanking the underwear. A hand grips with the rigid cock through the underwear, pulling until the balls are exposed. A hand rubs the balls because the penis head straight out of the waistband. Then the cock is released completely and it is rock hard. The hand strokes the penis then drips some oil, rubbing it on the balls and wanking into the penis. The balls have been gripped and squeezed. Then the big, rigid, cock is caught and wanked. That cock looks so good as the hand wanks on it. Then the underwear is adjust, being pulled tight around the penis and balls. The wanking continues and then the underwear is removed. Oil is used again, coating the balls and cock. The big penis is wanked more, taking Michal nearly to the point of cumming. A wand vibrator is put against the balls because the penis is wanked so hard. The wand rubs above the balls and then up the penis also. Since the wand is held against Michal’s ass hole his penis is wanked even more. That wand vibrates over the balls and cock making Michal writhe because he retains within his cum. The big cock is subsequently wanked some more, very quickly indeed. Michal’s buttocks thrust as he enjoys the sensation in his penis. The balls make so very tight because that big dick is made to feel so good. Michal’s buttocks thrust too as he believes his penis having to release the juice. His thighs have been raised in the air to show off his hairy buttocks and the hot hole. The hands rub over the hole and spread it wide. The penis is wanked again and then a few oil is applied to that hole along with a finger pokes inside. The finger fucks deep into the hole as Michal grimaces. His dick remains rock hard as his hole is gently fucked by the finger. Then the finger is eliminated and his penis is wanked hard again. Soon the finger enters the hole again and fucks it as the penis is wanked till it gives up the hot cum. That cum is milked in the penis and rubbed all around the head. The dick stays hard as it is milked dry along with the tight balls have been rubbed too.


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