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Str8Hell – Luky Kolac – Milking Men

Luky Kolac is one of those guys who has such a big and beautiful cock that everyone just wants to get hold of it. Luckily for us we get to watch as that happens as he gets his dick milked so well. Sitting in the examination chair, with his legs in the stirrups, he is wearing just a jockstrap. His helping hard starts by rubbing over the bulging jockstrap. Luky’s hands are shackled behind his head so is powerless to stop the helping hands from feeling all over his chest. Those hands move back down to rub the groin again. Luky’s balls are pulled out and rubbed, as his hot ass is on show too. Then that mighty cock is released too. It is rock hard as oil is dripped onto it. The oil is rubbed all over the big cock and the balls. Luky’s hips thrust as that glistening cock is wanked by the hand. The cock is so hard and Luky asks for it to be wanked slowly, as he seems close to the edge. His jockstrap is removed and lots more oil is dripped onto the cock and then rubbed over the hot hole too. The big balls are tight at the base of the cock as the wanking continues. Luky is eager to cum, but the cock is released before he can shoot. As that big cock is wanked a hand rubs over Luky’s hole too. His hips thrust as the hole is teased by a finger. Then the finger pushes into the tight hole as the big dick is wanked. Then more hard wanking has Luky right on the edge again, forcing his hips to thrust as he tries to shoot his load before the wanking stops. That big dick and the heavy balls are teased and tormented as he is kept right on the edge. Then Luky is turned onto his knees, showing off his ass hole. Hand rub all over that ass and then reach down to wank the cock some more. That hole soon feels some action too as a thumb goes deep inside. The thumb comes out and a finger fucks that hot hole as the big cock is wanked down between Luky’s legs. Precum oozes from the slit in that big cock and a finger plays with it. Luky really wants to cum and he moves one leg to show his hot body and his face as that might dick is wanked hard. He announces that he is cumming as the wanking gets hard and fast. When the cum is delivered it shoots out in big, creamy, spurts, landing on his leg and over his foot too. That big dick is milked dry of every drop as that hot hole it rubbed some more too.
Length: 607 MiB
Duration: 20mn 17s 194ms
Video: AVC at 4 000 Kbps, Aspect: 1920 x 1080 (1.778)  at 25.000 fps
Audio: AAC at 159 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz


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