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Staxus – Raw Films – Raw Edge

File Size: 1.53 GiB
Duration: 107mins 9s
Studio: Staxus : Description: Raw Outstanding and exceptional bareback sex includes an excellent double penetration sequence, along with a multiple amount of cum in the mouth moments. Every bloke is a sex god!

When its cold, things get pretty hot in Czechoslovakia. And if you happen to be in the vicinity of the cold Czech mountains, you could get lucky and encounter the guys at “Raw Edge.” These 12 hot hunks will surely melt the ice away with their hard dicks and insatiable appetite for creamy cum. See it land on their assess and faces as they engage in their favorite indoor sport – sex! And hard raw sex is what these guys are good at. “Raw Edge” follows the fine tradition of good porn movies from the land of silly plots and unpronounceable names. But these guys are big in sex and more than make up for it in sucking and fucking. The cool music video at the opening credits where Sanchez Viva horses around with the snowboard is already worth the price of the film! The upbeat jazzy arrangement is a good omen of great things to come as these guys prove once and for all what real pros they are when it comes to hot loving! Indeed, the weather may be cold and harsh but these porn stars will surely warm up your nights!

SCENE 1 – “Dawn of the dicks.” Filip Dorty says he doesn’t enjoy snowboarding that much but he’s good at something else. Know what that is? The answer to that question can be found right in his room. At the break of dawn, Robbie Masters rises and sucks Armstrong’s dick, giving new meaning to breakfast in bed. Armstrong reacts the same way and the two 69. In another bed, Dorty awakens and sees the action. He quietly slips on a rubber and jacks off at first but his buddies won’t let him do that alone. They drag Dorty to their bed and masturbate him until he gushes out milky cum in his condom. After this, they make Dorty eat his own cum. Now that’s a perfect example of recycling! Dorty sucks Masters while Masters focuses on Armstrong’s dick. They all end up in a sucking frenzy and take on a variety of positions later. Masters rims Dorty who 69s with Armstrong. Then Masters doggies Dorty as Dorty and Armstrong 69. We also see a good example of double penetration as Dorty’s ass is rammed by both Armstrong and Masters. What an incredible sight!

SCENE 2 – “Hotel heaven.” Mention the word snowboarding to Lucky Penn and it brings back fond memories of his sexual encounters at the hotel. That’s when he met two guys at the local pub – Thomas Wolf and Ricci Silverado. It goes like this: Penn is quietly drinking beer when Wolf taunts him with Silverado’s dick. He grabs Silverado’s dick and sucks it in full view of Penn who doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or amused. Penn finishes his beer and leaves but his thoughts are with Wolf and Silverado. Frustrated, he plays with his own dick and fucks his own ass with a long rubberized dildo unaware that Wolf and Silverado have entered his room and are watching him. (Didn’t anyone tell them to knock first?)

The two sneak up on Penn and join him for a threesome. Silverado eats Penn’s cock while Wolf uses the dildo on him. Penn then sucks Silverado as Wolf eats Penn like a hungry animal. But its Silverado who steals the show as he takes his fill of Wolf and Penn’s dicks together. Remembering his customers at the bar, Wolf leaves, giving Silverado the chance to spoon, doggie, and missonary Penn. As things get too hot for Silverado, he unloads a big bucket of cum in Penn’s mouth.

SCENE 3 – “Brief encounter.” While Armstrong takes a shower, his briefs attract the attention of Thomas Lee. Lee takes them and delights in smelling Armstrong’s briefs. Armstrong sees Lee and offers his cock to the latter who enjoys gagging on Armstrong’s briefs and dick. As Armstrong explodes, Lee licks it all up.

SCENE 4 – “Take two.” After leaving Lee, Armstrong sees an open door and takes a peek. He catches Viva dancing naked in front of the mirror, his big long dick dangling between his legs. Armstrong accidentally causes the snowboard propped against the wall to fall. The racket alerts Viva who catches Armstrong peeping. The confrontation ends with Viva offering his cock to Armstrong who gladly sucks it. Viva cums and Armstrong laps it all up.

SCENE 5 – “Bathroom ball.” Masters introduces us to his buddy Dion Phillips. They play table hockey and Masters excuses himself, going to the john where he jacks off. Phillips follows him there and the two turn the bathroom into a love nest as they engage in sucking as well as doggie and cowgirl action.

SCENE 6 – “Party time.” Ronnie Wilson is excited about the snowboard party they’re having. Present are Viva, Lee, Coach Sommers, and Drago Lembeck. As the drinks flow, the party gets wild and becomes an orgy. Lee plays with Viva’s cock while Wilson sucks Sommers’ nipples. Lembeck tries Viva’s dick while Wilson grabs any dick he can lay his mouth on. His ass later becomes the receiving end of the stiff dicks of Lee, Lembeck, and Viva.


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