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SpunkWorthy – Nicholas Massage

File Size: 257MiB
Duration: 16mins 47s
Studio:  SpunkWorthy : Description: Nicholas isn’t even a stranger into some joyful ending massage, with enjoyed a few while stationed in Japan for six months. Still he seemed excited and eager to try his initial joyful finish therapeutic massage from another dude, that was clear when he took his clothes off and demonstrated that his already growing meat. Once he lay down, you might hardly see the massage table , because his broad 220 pounds of muscular practically covered the entire issue. This is a guy with tree trunk legs and one of the most challenging, roundest asses I’ve nonetheless encountered. I could truly feel that the strain on his neck and shoulders slowly discharge when I dug into his demeanor, moving down his spine and nearer into the mound of Nicholas’ perfect ass. I kneaded his sore legs, then then piled his crack up. I transferred my hand through his fracture, finally yanking his stiff cock out from under him so I really could stroke as he lay on his stomach. He seemed to enjoy it, even copying just the way “amazing” it was in his deep, sexy voice. After he flipped onto his back, Nicholas defended his arms , showing off his arms and then exposing his tight ripe bushy pits in the same time. And no surprisethat beautiful Marine cock was stiff as a board, begging for being jacked and sucked. Nicholas thought the massage was cherry roasted. I demonstrated to him it was vanilla by consuming him only a small amount of it in my finger. But when it was my switch into sample the vanilla acrylic, I tasted it straight from his prick, sucking him deep into my mouth, the flavor of candy vanilla blending with his musky cock odor. I snapped Nicholas harder and faster when I moved along, having fun his sperm-filled balls and teasing his ass along with my finger. And finally I was rewarded with a massive sweet load, and obviously I had to flavor as well.


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