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RagingStallion – Shut Up and Fuck Me! – Tegan Zayne & Spencer Whitman

Tegan Zayne’s hard cock is ready for action when he tells Spencer Whitman to ‘get down there’. Spencer does as he’s told and gets down in the front of the hairy hunk with his mouth opened wide. Tegan catches Spencer’s head and fucks his face, commanding him to take it deeper and suck his balls. ‘Quicker! ‘ Tegan yells out, making sure the hot stud sucks it just how he likes it. Tegan is hard as a rock and needs to feel Spencer down his throat. Spencer is pleased to oblige Tegan’s needs and sits back to offer up his giant cock and big hairy balls. Tegan is so cock-hungry he can hardly contain himself as he slobbers and chokes on Spencer’s fully erect pole. Tegan is like a sucking device, taking it deep down his throat as ropes of spit trail down Spencer’s thick shaft and drip off his sack and onto the floor. Spencer’s fuzzy crotch is a slobbery mess of Tegan’s cock sucking expertise and using Tegan’s mess as lube, he jacks his rod until he drops his load in Tegan’s thick, bushy beard. Tegan has done his job well and when he gets a taste of this hung stud’s jizz, he stands up and gives himself permission to let loose. Tegan sprays a geyser, shooting up into the atmosphere and slathering Spencer’s face with a massive pent-up load that the two consume with a kiss.


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