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MilitaryClassified – Lorenzo 3 Anal

File Size: 202.19MiB
Duration: 16mins 27s
Studio:  MilitaryClassified : Description: One of my favorite civilians has returned and his name is Lorenzo. He’s this 19 year old straight boy who doesn’t know he wants to do in life so for now he’s making considerably more money than he’s ever made doing video for me. Today I’ve convinced Lorenzo to fuck a guy’s ass for the first time in his life today and I captured it all on tape.
We got started talking a little up front and it was usually the typical stuff that straight guys talk about, the types of chicks you like, favorite sexual positions and when you lost your virginity. Afterwards it was time to get started so I asked Lorenzo to get naked and sit bad down on the beach and put your hands behind your head. I barely touched Lorenzo’s cock and it sprung hard almost instantly. I began to nurse the head of his cock with my warm mouth and Lorenzo began to lose himself in the amazing sensation his cock was experiencing today. I think Lorenzo wasn’t prepared for how good it would be. As I sucked Lorenzo’s cock I began to think about how I was going to introduce my ass into the picture but for some reason I always find a way. I slowly slid his dick down my ass and pulled it back out then I repeated the same process until I began to ride Lorenzo’s cock reverse cowgirl style. Lorenzo became very comfortable after I instructed him to treat my ass like it was a pussy and just fuck it crazy and that’s all Lorenzo needed to get rolling. Now Lorenzo was in the swing of things as he began to pump my ass making his balls shift up towards his sack as he bounced my ass up and down. Next I stood Lorenzo up and from the doggy position I had Lorenzo continue to fuck my ass only this time he was in control. He grabbed my waist as he began to pump me balls deep. I put the condom on Lorenzo’s cock and his balls hung way low as his hard dick waved straight up in the air when I began to sit down on his cock. Towards the end poor Lorenzo was so horny he was anxious now to bust his load out so I pulled out my trusty pussy flashlight and began to fuck Lorenzo with only one thing in mind, making him cum! I pumped his cock faster now and Lorenzo couldn’t hold back anymore and suddenly blew a Huge load, I mean Huge!


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