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MilitaryClassified – Cash and Boe

File Size: 288.12MiB
Duration: 20mins 20s
Studio:  MilitaryClassified : Description: Today I’ve brought back two of the hottest models I have on the site today.. CASH meets BOE and these two were like a match made in heaven. Watch as CASH connects with BOE and completely dominates him fucking this little stud-twink so hard that the expressions on Boe’s face were almost painful to watch. Both of these guys deliver performances that far exceeded what I was looking for! Take a look! Cash is from the East Coast and Boe is from Arizona so these two were definitely opposites but when they meet for this occasion, it was like they were long lost buddies from war. Boe looks up to Cash, you can see it in the way he looks at Cash and with Cash’s bubbly personality, it was easy to see how these two would interact sexually. Once the cameras started rolling these guys took all of their clothes off and were butt naked on the bed stroking their perspective cocks and getting warmed up for what was about to come next. Cash started sucking Boe’s cock first and although Boe is smaller than Cash, his dick rivaled Cashs’ by a long shot but not nearly as big. Cash deep throated Boe but it didn’t end there because just as soon Cash began sucking, they switched it up and Boe was all Cash’s 9 inch monster barely getting it in his mouth. Next on the agenda was the fucking and these guys were ready for it, especially Boe. Boe started it off by sitting on Cash’s cock and created an angst of excitement as Boe bounced on Cash’s big dick. Soon Cash was returning the fuck and stopped Boe from bouncing and as they progressed it was obvious that Boe was holding back that nut that he so desperately wanted to let go but there was still more to come. Next Cash took Boe and bent him over the bed and drove that cock right back up Boe’s tight ass and the pounding continued. It wasn’t until Cash flipped him on his back then drove his cock in again and soon Boe couldn’t hold back any longer and delivered that load to everyone’s satisfaction. Cash was up next and just before he nutted he pulled out and sprayed Boe as he laid there tired and whipped out. All in a day’s work!


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