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Like-em-Straight – The Master of Johnsons – Mitchell

File Size: 620.21MiB
Duration: 21mins 06s
Studio: Like-em-Straight : Description: The very first guy to enrol at Brendon’s new study is actually really a rare specimen. Maybe not rare in Brendon’s studio, cause we have lots of tens of thousands walking here, but infrequent on the planet. With his black piercing eyes and short cropped beard, that six feet inch stud is already shoving the needle onto Brendon’s erecto-meter off the charts. Throughout the intake portion of the scene we know that the strangest place Mitchell ever had sex was in a church. Praise god! He could insert’porn laboratory’ to his bucket list. This session is chiefly auto erotic but also the fantastic physician provides a helping hands and Mitchell gives one up for science.



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