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JapanBoyz – Hiroya, Tomoki and Kouya – Sex Education

File Size: 1.24GiB
Duration: 28mn 38s
Studio: JapanBoyz : Description: Tomoki and Kouya are beginning a new course in sex education, and it is honestly not like any class we remember. Teacher Hiroya comes into take attendance and begin the days’ lesson. The first tipoff that this course is somewhat special is drawn throughout the blackboard, a drawing of a huge erect penis. He points out to the pupils the function and care of the male sex organs, plus such interesting trivia as”bareback feels better than using a condom.” Now it is time for the boys to put their new lessons to good use. “More enthusiasm, use tongue… touch the nipples, grab your dicks!”

The teacher steps in for a few hands-on education. Hiroya and Kouya double staff Tomoki, licking his nips and stroking his cock beneath the stiff fabric of his school pants. Hiroya pulls out Tomoki’s penis and offers it to Kouya for some oral practice. He peels off Kouya’s jacket for Tomoki to follow the lesson. Sucking Kouya, Hiroya makes him good and stiff. Kouya obediently lies nude on the classroom floor when it is time to teach ass-fucking. The other two take turns fingering him till his hole is lubed and receptive. Hiroya pops his dick to Kouya’s willing mouth while Tomoki sucks and palms him. Hiroya rolls on a condom and shows how to fuck an ass while he takes a juicy mouthful of Tomoki’s dick. Now it is Tomoki’s time to reveal what he’s heard, as his cock slides into Kouya’s hungry hole. Hiroya plows Kouya’s mouth because they spit roast him from both ends. The pupils sit jerk their dicks as they consider their new lesson, and both spurt out thick creamy loads onto the floor. Smiling, they agree–“Best class ever!”


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