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JapanBoyz – Akira & Asukas Double-A Hookup

File Size: 939.57MiB
Duration: 21mins 14s
Studio:  JapanBoyz : Description: “A” is for Asuka, and for Akira. It’s also for”Asian”, and for”ass-fucking”, making for a whole lotta”A” in this sexy Japanboyz”A-for-Action” hookup. Akira is located in bed adjacent to Asuka since they see a funny video onto his mobile phone. Asuka’s so absorbed that he will not see when Akira snips a pit at the rear of his undies and gives them a good tear. Asuka’s firm round ass and eloquent tight hole are all exposed to the world, and Akira opens those cheeks to get a perfect look. He drizzles some gooey lube in to the crack, lets his finger slip in to Asuka’s hungry hole. When he walks into the base of their bed and yanks down his shorts showing off his big stiff tool, Asuka finally looks up from his mobile to take note. Asuka pulls his head up and opens wide for Akira to fuck his mouth. When he lies upon his rear, Akira takes those out trusty scissors again and cuts the crotch to provide him smooth sailing to suck his buddy’s pretty tan cock. He turns his body for an ideal 6 9 and both hot young studs receive a tasty mouthful of Japanese wiener. Together with Asuka’s undies completely crotchless and assless, Akira smears to the lube and pumps his dick in. They turn and Asuka gets his rocks off Akira. His yells show how bad he needs a good hard fuck. Akira takes mounts and control his younger marijuana from behind, and Asuka shimmies his ass back in the invading dick with each thrust. It’s time to let anyone straining dicks burst, so the two A-grade studs lie adjacent together stroking. They lean to a sexy kiss that was deep, and Asuka’s ready to blowoff. His load splatters out and up onto his tight celestial trail, then smooth-shaved Akira milks out his out with a volley of hot creamy shots.


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