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Gaycest – Doctor’s Son Tape #7 – Dr. Wolf & His Son Jonathan – Boy Massage

File Size: 770.23MiB
Duration: 20mins 32s
Studio: Gaycest : Description: Dr. Wolf was so proud of his son! He’d put him through quite a lot, but he never complained or resisted. The tall daddy had a very large cock that was challenging for even the most experienced of adults. For Jonathan, it was a struggle every time. But Jonathan didn’t mind. He loved seeing his daddy’s big cock! It made him proud to be his boy, and it always left him feeling amazing, albeit a little sore for a day or two. But Dr. Wolf knew he couldn’t always be so selfish. Sometimes, he had to give his boy time to recover. After all, when he was inside him, he found it impossible to hold back or be gentle. He wanted to devour his boy, take him over completely, and fill him up with his manhood! It wasn’t until he pulled out and saw his cum-covered cock that he fully appreciated what Jonathan had to endure. As a sign of gratitude, he lovingly and delicately followed the instructions on his Forbidden Boy Hotel guide, giving Jonathan a massage to make him feel more relaxed with his touch.

Dr. Wolf started by stripping the boy down to his jock. As he ran his hands over his smooth body gently, he felt his boy’s firm stomach and chest before running his hands around to his soft, exposed ass. Dr. Wolf held back as much as he could, but he couldn’t resist pulling him closer, kissing him and caressing his genitals. A hand found its way between his cheeks, teasing at his delicate hole, but still, he found the strength to give Jonathan a gentle massage. Sprinkling some oil on his back, Dr. Wolf rubbed it into his boy’s flesh, feeling it warm up and relax as he worked his muscles with his big hands. He softly smoothed out the top layer of skin and tissue, letting his boy’s body know that it was okay to be calm and receive him. He turned him over, running his hands up his legs and into his groin, all while Jonathan closed his eyes and enjoyed the soft, loving touch of his daddy. Dr. Wolf’s cock was rock hard, concealed away in his robe as he observed his boy’s beautiful body. He knew he couldn’t fuck him yet, but he could tell that his boy was desperate for more. His soft hole was still a bit raw, but he had a clever idea on how to give his boy what he wanted.

Pulling out a clear, glass toy, Dr. Wolf ran it up against the boy’s cock and hole, holding it gently up against him, letting him feel it and get used to its size. It was significantly smaller than his own cock, but still big enough to hit his boy where it counted! Sliding it in, Dr. Wolf watched as his boy got even harder, leaking precum in response to the well placed probe. Jonathan was still a little sensitive, but he loved the feeling of his daddy’s penetrating touch! He looked into his old man’s eyes, as if looking for permission to enjoy it even more. Dr. Wolf nodded, pleased to see his boy riding the edge of pleasure as he began to stroke his cock…


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