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FunSizeBoys – Austin – Chapter 26 – Lounging Around with Dallas Steele

Dallas and Austin are out by the pool, relaxing on a pair of recliners while hot rays of the day’s sun soak into their semi-naked bodies. Austin can’t help but play with himself. The sight of Dallas, tanning his muscular body in a pair of skimpy speedos, has had his pulse racing all day. And he’s not the only one feeling horny. Dallas has been glancing across at his young friend all afternoon, admiring his beautiful, soft skin and remembering how good the boy’s tiny, tight hole felt wrapped around his giant-sized dick. Dallas leans across and starts to run his huge hands along Austin’s delicate thighs before allowing them to seductively glide over the boy’s wash-board stomach. Austin stands. His shorts fall to the ground, exposing an impressively excited, highly-swollen dick which Dallas gently jerks. Before long, Dallas is satisfying the boy with his experienced mouth, adeptly giving Austin a blow job he’s destined never to forget! Austin soon returns the favor, pushing Dallas’ skimpy speedos aside and deep-throating the older man’s king-sized meat.

The difference in their size is instantly and thrillingly apparent. Austin’s torso is skinnier than Dallas’ thigh! The boy almost looks like a toy in the older man’s arms. Dallas encourages Austin to climb up onto the sun lounger and present his cute, little ass for banging. The older man wastes no time at all and squats down to get his rough, masculine tongue penetrating the boy’s hole, preparing him for a wild, exhilarating ride. Dallas entirely dwarfs the boy as he leans over to push his big dick inside him. Austin can do nothing but whimper and moan as the older man’s iron rod is inserted nut-deep into his trembling, pint-sized body. Dallas immediately begins to thrust and pump and is soon mounting the boy like a dog on heat. Dallas alternates the pace like a pro; banging fast and hard before relaxing into a seductive, slow grind. He pulls out and lies on the recliner, encouraging Austin to sit on his big, daddy dick like the good little boy he is. Austin carefully lowers himself down onto the older man then starts to ride him like a champion jockey. They change positions one final time. Austin gets on his back with his legs up in the air so that Dallas can get real deep inside him. Austin, in a lust-fuelled trance, simultaneously jerks his own dick with more and more speed until he explodes orgasmically. An impressive arc of semen gushes out of his dick onto his chest and stomach, forming a slippery, white pond in his belly button.


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