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FalconStudios – Topher DiMaggio & Bray Love – Fame Game

File Size: 1.15GiB
Duration: 23mn 56s
Studio: FalconStudios : Description: As Boomer Bank’s grooms Mickey Taylor for success his attachment for him develops. Meanwhile Mickey struggles with his own insecurities when he is shocked to find out his ex, Bray Love, show up in rehearsal. A battle breaks up, sending Bray into the arms of one of Mickey’s ex-boyfriends Topher DiMaggio. Unaware of their previous romantic relationship, Topher takes Bray into the pub. When Topher proceeds to the tub, Bray follows himcell phone in hand. Bray pushes Topher up from the booth wall and starts ripping pics of himself sucking on Topher’s enormous perfect penis. When Topher sits down with his giant dick from the air Bray jumps on for a crazy reverse-cowboy. Topher almost divides Bray in half with his vicious ass-pounding until Bray shoots then gets on his knees take Topher’s enormous load all over his face. Back in the pub Bray texts Mickey that the pics in a final effort to sabotage Mickey’s profession.


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