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ColbyKnox – Full Service Flip-Fuck with Taylor & Calvin

Calvin Banks Taylor Reign. Massage oil. The ColbyKnox pool. We need nothing else. This site is a great place to start! Today’s video updates show Calvin on his stomach. Taylor is standing over Calvin, massaging his back. Taylor asks, “How’s it going?” Calvin mumbles contentment. Taylor removes the towel that was covering his genitals. Taylor rubs his perfect legs. Calvin murmurs, “It feels so great.” Taylor climbs onto the table and takes off his shirt to knead Calvin’s cake. Both lads get horny from all this rubbing. Taylor is standing in front of Calvin, while Calvin zips up his shorts. Calvin is able to see the details when Taylor’s tool comes out. Calvin opens his mouth and suckles away. He snorts and swallows the balls. Spit is dribbling from his mouth, as Taylor reach down to grab Calvin’s booty. Taylor questions, “Do you want me to put my back on?” Calvin agrees and they have a good time, exchanging spit. Calvin’s throat is filled with Taylor’s rod. He eats his beefy steak like the hotties of 69. Finally, Taylor eats Calvin’s hole. Taylor insists that you “Flip over.” Calvin is a self-described “big dick bottom” and can’t wait for his dirty laundry to be revealed. Taylor replies, “Show me your sex,” Calvin reaches for his hole and prepares it for the bigger reward. Calvin moans as Taylor puts his head into the narrow opening. Taylor’s moans grow louder as he falls. Calvin murmurs, “Fuck! “Stretch it out. Oh my god. It’s right there. Taylor digs as deeply as possible to make sure Calvin is feeling every stroke. He whimpers, “Fucking give me it,” Calvin kneels down on his hands. Taylor enjoys a small snack, but Calvin soon regains his energy. “Fuck. It feels great, Calvin said. “Right there. Calvin needs his sex abused and his genitals broken. Taylor commands, “Take it dick.” Calvin is a sucker for getting his sock stuffed. But he also wants the opportunity to get it done. He whispers, “Give me mine now,” Taylor raises his legs and offers his hole to Calvin. Taylor is first to be tapped, and he prepares for the assault. Taylor gave. He now takes. “Fuck. He wriggles. Taylor’s flawless ass is smashed by Calvin’s large nuts. Calvin has more control when he folds his body in half. Calvin asks, “You’re going cum for me?” Taylor beats his meat and his spot is pulverized. Taylor loses weight, with man juice hitting his abdomen and fingers. Calvin follows. Taylor’s hole is unlocked when he pulls himself out. Taylor is amazed by all the seeds Calvin has lost, and a stream rushes through it. Taylor puts the tool in his pocket and the two of them kiss. Calvin is holding Taylor’s man-juice-covered rod. Both of them are tired and worn out. We hope you feel the same.



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