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CodyCummings – Shadowkiss – Cody & Anthony Romero

File Size: 1.56GiB
Duration: 32mn 05s
Studio: CodyCummings :  Description: Cody Cummings stars in maybe the most erotic scene of his career. Half bathed in blue light, he searches the shadows for some show of life. Feeling the tension of the city night fill him up, he swells with desire in the dark alleyway, until a shadowy figure emerges from the distance. Anthony Romero knows these alleys well, but he never intended to find a guy like Cody waiting around for some attention. The two of them exchange glances in the dark and with a nod and an affirming grin, they inch closer and closer to each other, their mouths whet with anticipation until at last their lips meet. Skin caresses skin, body to body, mouth to mouth. Until the next time they meet, a kiss in the shadows will have to suffice.


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