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CockyBoys – All Saints Chapter 2 (Director’s Cut) Blake Mitchell & Carter Dane

File Size: 4.38GiB
Duration: 86mn 11s
Studio: CockyBoys : Description: Step once more into the spiral of time, space, and consciousness whilst the saga which commenced in ANSWERED PRAYERS swirls all around once last time from the finale of both ALL SAiNTS. And, at least one soul finds first hand that THE END iS JUST THE BEGiNNiNG.

Come back to your day at ANSWERED PRAYERS by which Puck (Levi Karter) met a untimely early death and commenced his own travel as an essential portion of the truly amazing balance. Following immeasurable time moves he seeks the aid of all mortals turned mysterious antique traders Buzz (Misty Meaner) and Harper (Moca Lite) to get a very special purpose. Using a dear cost paid Buzz & Harper chant and assist Puck to fulfill his fondest need. We reunite to Carter Dane within his own fantasies and just two years following the end of Most SAiNTS Chapter 1. Currently residing in New Orleans,” Carter is astonished to be visited by Adrian (Calvin financial institutions ) who seeks a kind of reconciliation and brings him an undercover offer. After that evening below a full moon Carter is drawn to the providing and also when he views it, the facts about himself is disclosed.

The next morning, awakened in more ways than one Carter, in the beginning, concerns Adrian (Calvin financial institutions ) whois overly tough and quite horny. Absolve to with regards to kiss and affection with a sensual enthusiasm, Carter follows by sucking Adrian’s big penis and also give up their or her own bubble ass. Adrian (Calvin) rims Carter profoundly and so on dominates his pit with his difficult fucking. Carter frees the manhandling and competitive thumping he gets from Adrian (Carter) in most position that they require. Ultimately, Adrian (Calvin) drills him with precision to fuck a load out of Carter then breed him using their very own voluminous cum. Since they lie with each other at the romantic after glow, a seemingly harmless monitoring is produced reminding Carter of the precision and unsurprisingly fate.

Carter later on contributes to the area once occupied by the research institute and discovers a lot has really changed. Appearing out of no where is the construction’s evident new occupant The Tailor (Blake Mitchell) who confronts Carter with cryptic queries and riddles before he himself realizes that who Carter might be. Following his blind supporters cut away Carter’s old garments The Tailor angrily orders them out so that he could fashion his new apparel. The Tailor only partially redresses Carter before turning his focus to discovering him. Carter voluntarily falls under the control of The Tailor (Blake), sucking him deeply and slowly undressing him before intuitively following his unspoken order to sit down his cock and then ride him. Whilst the Tailor (Blake) will see himself at the mirror he quickly will get Carter turned round so they can watch as well as he rides . Even the Tailor, vocally dominates and encourages Carter and soon turns him eat his bum and also keep him tight buttocks he fucks him proclaims ownership with cocky assurance. At final, right following sucking Carter, The Tailor (Blake) relentlessly fucks him back before Carter shots his thick load on himself. In short order, The Tailor brings out and shoots a more rapid load on Carter.

As well as at the powerful after glow, one final truth is shown, one more choice is manufactured, and also as a outcome, a exact long travel reaches its own next and also possible last destination.


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