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ChaosMen – Teo & Zane

File Size: 818.34MiB
Duration: 18mins 15s
Studio:  ChaosMen : Description: Once more, Zane’s massiveness takes his partner a back.
I had warned Teo that Zane is a large guy, when he got next to him to the bed, he just started laughing. But Ransom, he got over it and took on the situation.
I really like watching Teo blow Zane till he’s all hard, after which Zane turns the dining table and awakens Teo’s dick up.
I had been super happy, as both boys wanted to flipflop. This was the first genuine effort to relish the atmosphere of Zane, and between position changes, he thought maybe it would make him more nut.
Both of these struggle to not nut in this particular video. In fact, start looking for Teo while he fucks Zane slowing down. He’s trying his best to cum! I obviously had no clue what happened, and would have let him blow his load but that I thought he had run out of steam.
So after a bit backandforth ass-pounding, Zane gets doggy style, and minutes afterwards Teo makes it in, Zane is telling me he is gonna nut. You can hear me helplessly about because his arm came back and blocked the penis shot I had setup. I leave it.
Teo divides his load all over Zane’s buttocks, rubbing the cum everywhere with his buttocks!


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