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BrokeStraightBoys – Skyler Riley & Moreno Dias – Dont Bust In My Mouth Bro

File Size: 756.91MiB
Duration: 20mins 48s
Studio:  BrokeStraightBoys : Description: As I suspected, Moreno and Skyler were still hungry to make more money so I had the two guys back and convinced them to blow each other and I was going to pay them each usd500 if they gave each other a blowjob. This was a little more persuasive but I learned a whole lot more and found out that Moreno had the money to fix his car and Skyler wanted to move from his Mother’s house with his girlfriend and that money would surely help. With somewhat persuasive on my end, I had the two guys remove there clothes and using a little hesitation, each boy took turns blowing each other. Skyler wasn’t having it and felt really uncomfortable and Moreno preferred to have his cock sucked so it worked out for all as Moreno leaned back and enjoyed his cock-sucking session from Skyler. It was somewhat mechanical, but lets face it, it was there first time doing such things so my hats off to them and of course the money was a fantastic inspiration. Skyler has to have been doing a great job because he began to breath and moan a bit grabbed his cock and spurted his hot cum all over Skyler’s face. After he blew his load, Moreno didn’t leave but was kind enough to wait for Skyler to grab his cock and stroke it as Skyler blasted his load as Moreno watched. I left the boys with one last thought and promised when they do come back and do anal, I’d give them every usd1000.00. Moreno job on the opportunity and said yes for the money and it was Skyler that needed to think about it so I had my job cut out for me to convince both boys to have anal sex.


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