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Boy Fun – Evan Ryker & Max Trey – Click Bate

File Size: 1.38 GiB
Duration: 23mn 48s 245ms
Studio: BoyFun: Description: Max Trey loves to stroke his big uncut cock, he’s worked out that it’s a great way to get other curious and horny guys into sharing a little BoyFun now and then. When he arrives to wait for a meeting and gets a little too tempted by the sight of sexy young Evan Ryker (as any horny lad would) he decides to try out his trusty trick and see if he can lure the young man into getting some fun started. It goes without saying that a boy can’t resist the opportunity to share some stroking and within moments young Evan is walking over to show off his own big meaty tool, grabbing his guest’s hand and encouraging him to feel it for him while the two make out. What might have begun as a simple opportunity to share a cock stroke quickly spirals out of control, with mouths sliding down on engorged lengths, precum leaking into willing throats and balls churning up some big loads for their messy finale. Both boys have such incredible cocks, perfectly matched in length and girth as they frot their dicks together, but it’s not all about the dick, there’s ass to be had too! After getting a taste of the hole between Evan’s round and smooth cheeks Max is quickly offering his own for the boy to plunder. Evan takes aim, slipping the tip of his naked inches into that pucker and filling the boy from behind, thrusting in and out of the blond lad’s rump with an eagerness we all recognize. After a little break for some ass-to-mouth deliciousness Max goes for a ride on the boy’s bare boner, impaling his behind on the engorged rod and wanking himself off in delight, bouncing on his new buddy and taking them both closer to climax. Finally, on his back and ready to bust, gorgeous Max moans with ecstasy and proceeds to decorate his abs with thick cream, soon to be doubled as Evan pulls his bareback shaft out and squirts in his mouth and face! The only question remaining is… what happened about the appointment?


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