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BlackBoyAddictionz – All Bets Are Off featuring Staxx and Knockout

File Size: 1.24GiB
Duration: 67mn 38s
Studio: BlackBoyAddictionz : Description: Knockout might have lost the bet and had to give up his ass, but the chance to get his revenge was too tempting to pass up, and he came up with a devious plan to take the prize he had tried but failed to win on the basketball court. It starts off with Staxx spread-eagle and strapped to the bed, that high-arching bubble-butt poking into the air and almost DARING to be fucked as Knockout dives in for an eager first taste. This friendly, kinky fun takes a sudden dark turn when Knockout gets caught up in the moment and can’t resist the temptation to take advantage of Staxx’s vulnerable state and enjoy more than a TASTE of that beautiful thing.


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