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Belami-CorbinFisher – Ariel, Connor and Dawson

File Size: 306MiB
Duration: 23mins 54s
Studio: Helix : Description : Studio: Belami – CorbinFisher: Description: Costa Rica was definitely a huge undertaking and a ton of fun for us, and Connor and Dawson were right there in the middle of all the fun! Both of these blond studs have done some traveling with CF before, though! Dawson and Lucas went down to Australia and got in to loads of mischief, which you can see in the DVD, “Lucas and Dawson Down Under”! Both Connor and Dawson were also along for our little trip out to Europe last year, and spent some quality time fucking Bel Ami’s Ariel while there! And these guys most definitely fuck Ariel! Right from the get go, our buff studs just tower over Ariel and look quite imposing as they team up on him! Ariel’s clearly loving every second of it, though, and in the early parts of the action you can see the anticipation on his face as he can hardly wait to get totally manhandled by these two! The oral action is particularly hot, here! Connor and Dawson take turns feeding their dicks to Ariel as he eagerly sucks on both their hard cocks, alternating back and forth between them. Some of the hottest moments are when Dawson and Connor lean in to do some sucking along with Ariel, two sets of lips and two tongues sliding all along hard dick and driving everyone wild!

Finally, it’s time for Connor and Dawson to take turns plugging Ariel’s hole, and Dawson is the first to bury his dick deep in Ariel’s ass while Connor’s cock fills Ariel’s mouth. Ariel looks like he’s in total bliss as he’s getting split by these two, doing all he can to handle them both! Dare I say it, the cumshots here are some of the hottest I’ve seen! While on his back, getting drilled by Connor and sucking Dawson, Ariel gets closer and closer to the edge. He finally starts spraying cum all over his own chest as his ass gets pounded and he does all he can to keep his lips tightly wrapped around Dawson’s hard dick. The cum is still oozing out of Ariel’s cock when Connor pulls his big dick out and starts to fire off his own load! Mere seconds later, Dawson then starts to fire blasts of cum all over Ariel’s face and in to his mouth! Ariel then sucks the last drops out of Dawson’s still-stiff dick!


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