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AllWorldsVideo – The Real Sword

File Size: 1.03GiB
Duration: 103mn 46s
Studio: AllWorldsVideo : Description: Starring: Barrett Long, Lance Landers, Christian Olsen, Danny Rios, Walt Waters, Sledge Sawyer, Mitch, Aussie, Speedy.
The third and final installment of Dirk Yates’ successful Sword trilogy has his sexy jarheads going at each other with a pent up man passion. The handsome and well-endowed Sledge Sawyer is coming home from base. He’s had a hard day and as he undresses out of his uniform, Sledge begins to admire himself. Sledge boasts to himself about how proud he is of his dick, the biggest sword on base and that he’s gotta use it. He strokes his hefty man meat with his low-hanging man sack swaying. He then turns and checks out his smooth, muscular bubble butt in the mirror. He teases his pink love pucker with his fingers as he watches himself in the mirror. Sledge gets so turned on watching himself, that he ends up shooting a creamy load right on the mirror.

Sledge kicks back and falls asleep, only to find himself in a wet dream with Mitch and Aussie. Sledge is getting a blowjob, along side his buddy with an eager-mouthed jarhead who takes both big heads in his mouth. Aussie takes a turn and shoves the big cocks down his throat. The two Marines give their wide-mouthed buddy a good face fuck. Along comes the infamous “sword” Barrett Long and his 10 inches of hefty man meat. Sledge goes for the uncut cock, working the foreskin with his tongue and pulling gently on Barrett’s low-hanging balls. Sledge gives the man sack a tongue bath as the two couples go for a double bj. Barrett asks Sledge if he can sit on his stiffy. He mounts Sledge’s pecker and takes a ride, milking the man pole with the two other service men watching and whacking off before one of them goes down on Barrett and the other services his friend. Sledge gets Barrett to bend over and continues to stick it to him until the men finish in a gooey climax.

Christian Olsen and Speed head back to their apartment and kick back. The two talk of sex and before you know it, both have their cocks out and they’re stroking off. The two cuties undress and Christian goes down on Speed’s hefty hog before Speed takes a face full of Christian’s hard on. Speed then gets his legs up in the air and Christian dives in deep with his pecker, humping his buddy’s tight fuck hole. Speed then bends over and continues to get plowed. The two sit side by side and work their cocks until they dump their loads. Coach Walt Waters is telling Lance Landers that Barrett thinks he’s got the biggest dick on base, but really is the biggest prick on base. Coach Walt wants Lance to teach Barrett a lesson, but not before coaching him and Speed on the mat first. The two take to the mat and before long, crotch grabbing ensues. Barrett comes in and the guys tell him to show them what he’s got. Speed goes first with Barrett and the uniforms come off quickly. Lance and the coach watch on the sidelines as the two grapplers get overheated and move into a steamy 69. The two wrestlers shove each other’s peckers down their throat as Lance and the coach whip out their puds, with Walt going down on Lance’s fat cock. The four men then move into a dick sucking daisy chain, sucking hard cocks and man sacks. Speed takes it like a true man and gets his ass plugged by all three. The three teammates and their coach finish up by dumping sweet man cream on Speed’s tight, smooth body.

The final scene brings Barrett and Danny Rios together. They check into a hotel and catch up on old times. The two buds hug, and that turns into some ass grabbing. Danny goes down on his pal’s hefty hog before Barrett taste-tests Danny’s schlong. Danny dives into Barrett’s tight butt hole. Barrett delivers his goods and stuffs his big cock up Danny’s ass. Danny takes it doggy style before he sits on the 10 inches. Barrett takes matters in his own hand and shoots his jizz all over Danny’s head.


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