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ActiveDuty – Niko, Shea and Tito

File Size: 495MiB
Duration: 35mins 57s
Studio:  ActiveDuty : Description: You won’t want to miss this Active Duty three-way that’s so steamy it may just fog up your screen! The scene opens with the three gorgeous guys in the shower, with Shea and Niko lathering up Tito. Their rippling muscles glisten under the water as they worship each other’s bodies. Shea leans in for a kiss from Niko and the two make out as Tito gives a helping hand. Next they drop down to their knees on Tito’s command and start servicing his hard tool. They get into lots of great positions, taking turns sucking, and Niko even rims and probes Tito’s hole as Shea sucks him. Shea even manages to fit both of their rods in his mouth at once. Niko tries to get a kiss from Tito, but Tito has yet to kiss a guy despite witnessing some hot examples. As the action builds, Niko volunteers to bottom first and Tito wastes no time in bending him over and going to town. Meanwhile, Niko is moaning and groaning while sucking on Shea. Next at bat, Shea takes Tito as Niko slaps his rear for encouragement. Niko asks for a second helping, and Shea pulls out of Tito and starts pounding Niko right away! While getting rammed Niko slurps down Tito, who’s talking dirty to him. Finally, it’s Shea’s turn to bottom and Tito does the honors. Shea is a quivering, moaning mess as he gets plowed to high heaven by Tito. Shea explodes with Tito still inside him, and Tito follows with a major load all over Shea. Niko is the last to shoot, as he sends streams all over Shea’s face and chin. A little chit-chat with director Kaden Saylor follows, as the guys have a laugh to close out a scene you won’t soon forget!


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